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In 2014, the San Diego Green Building Council sponsored a conference on “Healthy Buildings and Communities,” which highlighted a common problem in the San Diego area: sick building syndrome.

“Are buildings making us sick?” the conference asked.

The answer was unequivocal. The “impacts are 100% real,” saidRavi Bajaj, San Diego Green Building Council’s education manager.

So what is sick building syndrome? A “sick building” is one that puts it in habitants at risk for infection or illness. However, the term does not necessarily refer to the building itself; a “sick” building often refers to poor Indoor Air Quality.

With or without a sick building “diagnosis,” most building managers know that pollutants, as varied as motor exhaust to the volatile organic compounds in carpets, can infiltrate HVAC systems and create poor Indoor Air Quality. And as the EPA notes: “Indoor air quality is a major concern to businesses... because it can impact the health, comfort, well being and productivity of building occupants.”

The health, comfort, and well being of workers should be of tantamount importance to any business. However, of course, productivity is important, too. Sickness hurts the bottom line. As OSHA estimates: “Poor indoor air costs employers $15 billion annually due to worker inefficiency and sick leave” (Source).
If these details scare you, G&G Indoor Air Services of San Diego offers hope: our Commercial HVAC cleaning improves Indoor Air Quality by removing contaminants from a building’s duct work. To learn more about options for commercial HVAC cleaning, call our San Diego offices today:
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