HVAC Systems and HVAC Cleaning

The climate in in your San Diego area home is controlled and maintained by a sophisticated system called the HVAC—short for “heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.”

Although HVAC systems share similar features, each home’s is unique: some home systems provide cooling, heating, and ventilation; others provide only heating. The elements of any home’s HVAC system, from San Diego to San Francisco, vary dependent on environmental factors, building codes, and the age of the home.

Even in San Diego, for example, some homes have only heating and ventilation systems. Despite the warm weather, many older homes do not include central air conditioning.

HVAC Cleaning Companies

Older HVAC systems can present cleaning and maintenance challenges, so make sure you ask any potential HVAC cleaning company, “Do you have experience with older HVAC systems?”

Most modern HVAC systems include heating, cooling, and ventilation systems which require periodic cleaning and maintenance. To assure the integrity of your system, hire an HVAC expert, like G&G Indoor Air Services of San Diego. An expert HVAC cleaning company canservice all components of your system, new or old, including the vents, air ducts, and air conditioning components.

Beyond efficient and timely work, a good HVAC cleaning company can help you learn more about your HVAC system. As one of many positive Yelp reviewers said of G&G Indoor Air Services:

“Gil and his team...did a thorough cleaning. He was extremely prompt, courteous, clean, and best of all generous with his expertise. Gil found holes in our duct work that others couldn't be bothered to take the time to find (looking at you, A/C installer), helped us seal the holes, gave us a crash course in our house ventilation system, and introduced us to a different filtration system that we are currently using.”

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