Air Duct Cleaning: How Much Should You Pay?

California does not have specific regulations regarding air duct cleaning. Contractors need a license to “change or alter” a building structure, but air duct cleaning does not require a license. In a sense, the lack of licensing requirements has inspired a “Wild West” of duct cleaning, with companies offering wildly varying prices and services.

So what is a fair price for air duct cleaning?

For a reputable air duct cleaning firm, costs fluctuate depending on the size of your house (or commercial building) and the complexity of the job. Obviously, duct cleaning prices also vary from company to company.

As HomeAdvisor reveals, San Diego area homeowners can expect to pay between $301--$445 for duct work cleaning. (The national average, $350, is closer to the low end for San Diego residents). In the San Diego area,“high end” companies charge as much as $600; “low end” companies charge as little as $199.

So who should you trust?

You may be enticed by “lowball offers,” but as Angie of Angie’s List notes: “Companies offering a super low price on air duct cleaning might do more harm and no good.”
Since most states, like California, do not have those licensing requirements, Angie suggests researching and hiring a company with a great reputation: “Check online reviewsand ask for referrals.”

G&G Indoor Air Services has serviced the San Diego area for a decade. On Yelp, we have earned 153 reviews and an overall 5-star rating. We believe our glowing reviews speak for themselves; we happily offer referrals, too.

Like most duct cleaning companies, G&G Indoor Air Services builds price estimates based on several elements, including your number of air vents. We also inspect the components of the furnace and/or air conditioning unit as well as the air conditioning unit’s evaporator and condenser coils. (We offer dryer vent cleaning, too). For a detailed estimate, call our San Diego office today.
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